Takka Takka


Takka takka


was/is/will be a Brooklyn, NY based indie rock band
and on-going music project founded by Gabe Levine.

Publishing: Rough Trade
Licensing: Bankrobber Music
Label: EJRC, Lilispi


Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Production / Gabe Levine
Drums / Conrad Doucette

Former Members:
Bass, Keys, Guitar / Craig Montoro
Guitar / Drew Thurlow
Bass / Grady Jurrens
Lead Guitar / Rene Planchon
Lead Guitar / Damien Jurrens
Bass, Drums / John Paul Jones

Friends + Projects:

Garden of the Ark (Craig M. + Conrad D. + Baxter H.)

Gabriel & the Hounds (Gabe L.)

The Cowls (Damien J.)

LNZNDRF (Ben Lanz)

Seaside Lounge Studios (Charles Burst)

Standard Impossible (Gabe L.)


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